Confront Ego.

Embrace Change.

Dayton Strength Is a Place of Work. 

We Ask Questions. We Go where the answers lead. We Strive to give more than we take, and We are welcoming to those who want the same. 


No hype. no gimmicks. Just the work. 


The fitness market is a river with a strong current.

Easy for the traveler to be cautious of or intimidated by. Easier still to get swept up in the stream of "information". Those who cross alone risk drowning in a torrent of fads, diets, detoxes, and directionless dumb hard work. Many turn around, resisting our natural inclination to move our bodies, develop a relationship with effort, and explore our world. Some ignore the truth; that our health and effectiveness as people depends on crossing this river.

We are a bridge across.

We use physical work as the means, never the end. Our training forces us to make choices, to live with their consequences, and later to examine them. We do this because we recognize that the strength of our relationships and communities is bound to the health and capability of our bodies. We know that being stronger, faster, or more enduring will not change your life. It will, however, allow you to change it for yourself.

We cannot hope to stay the same, so we make our own current.