program design

Decide on point B (goal). Figure out point A (assessment). Develop a plan of attack. Fail. Learn. Succeed. Repeat.

For those who need individual guidance or who are entering the gym with a specific objective, our program design membership pairs you with a coach to develop the capacity you’ll need to succeed. Program design is a relationship, and like all relationships, it requires a level commitment and communication beyond just showing up when it's convenient. After an initial period of supervised work with their coach, Program design members are free to carry out their program during open gym hours at DSC via an open gym membership, or elsewhere as convenient. 

We won't force you into a cookie cutter method of training. We'll get to know you, and develop a plan that moves you forward. Let others argue about what’s best. We’ll help you find what works.


Personal Training

Program Design members who need or prefer long-term supervision by a coach,  one-on-one personal training is available and encouraged! Personal training demands the most time, energy and resources of all our memberships and is consequently the shortest, straightest path between you and your training goals. For more on the value of an intimate, supportive relationship between coach and athlete, check out Can't or Won't? on the DSC Movement Manifesto site.