(Short) Answers to FrEQuently Asked Questions



Is Dayton Strength Crossfit?

We are not a CrossFit affiliate. Those who have experience with the movements and equipment found in CrossFit will feel right at home at DSC, but our methods and temperament differ in ways we feel are important.   



Do I have to be fit/young/healthy to join?

Just show up on time with your shoelaces tied and we'll take it from there!



Can I bring my kid to the gym while I work out?

Short answer: YES, as long as you set a good example for them. The long answer can be found here


Do you have Open Gym Hours?

Yes! Open gym is whenever we are open

Mon-Fri 6am- 2pm, 4pm-8pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Sunday 12-3pm

For more on our facility available to open gym members and drop-ins, click here


Do You have Showers?

Yes! Our men's and women's restrooms both feature showers.